10+ Years of History!

For over ten years, Quest Theatre Ensemble has been dedicated to being the "People's Theatre of Chicago" by creating productions that inform, delight, inspire and unite. And, in over a decade, Quest has brought Chicago dozens of highly acclaimed (and several Jeff Nominated) productions.

From expanding the story of Peter Pan's Wendy, to bringing the history of the United States to life, to requiring audience participation in incredible drum circles, the production history of Quest speaks for itself.

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Quest does not charge a ticket price for admission to our shows. This means that we rely solely on the generous support of people like you. Your donation will allow Quest to continue producing quality FREE theatre for the Chicago community, developing new and innovative work, and enhancing educational programs.

Please consider supporting Quest in our mission to Inform, Delight, Inspire, and Unite. All donations are tax deductible.

The People's Theatre

Whether in reverent procession down the gothic aisles of a quiet sanctuary, parading festively through the crowded streets of Chicago, or creating magical spectacles from behind the footlights on the stage, Quest creates visual and meaningful productions that Inform, Delight, Inspire and Unite.

Quest Theatre Ensemble is dedicated to being the people's theatre of Chicago.